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Raised in a small town in south Georgia, Briana spent her early years learning illustration and dramatic arts. Realizing she was a VERY big fish in a tiny pond, she moved to Atlanta. Graduating with a BFA in filmmaking in 2016, she is well known as a jack of all trades. Briana is best acknowledged for editing and storyboarding, although her skill range varies from several video production jobs.

Her best-known skill, however, is petting cats.

Briana currently works for Cogito Creative Studios as lead Video Editor, Volunteers as Assistant Director and Lead Producer of Dragon Con TV, Team Member for Devil Cat Studios, and is an active participant of Netherworld Haunted House as a scare actor. 


Cogito Creative Studios   |   2015 - Present   |   Lead Editor

Devil Cat Studios   |   2015 - Present   |   Team Member

Dragon Con TV   |   2017 - Present   |   Lead Producer and Assistant Director

VH2 Networks   |   2018   |   Editor and Camera Operator

Georgia Public Broadcasting   |   2015 - Present   |   Volunteer Camera Operator and Editor


The Art Institute of Atlanta   |   Bachelors Degree   |   Video Production and Digital Filmmaking   |   2016

 Special Skills 


Adobe Creative Suite



Final Draft

Microsoft Products

Pro Tools


Graphic Design




Script Writing

Camera Operator

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